NY St. Pat’s Parade 19

Subject: LAOH Being Honored in NYC St Patrick’s Parade- Invite to march (ST Pres)

Hello Sisters
Greeting from your sisters in New York.Please see the attached PDF//invitation below.  Please pass this information on to your members. The LAOH is being honored in this year’s NYC St. Patrick’s Parade (**Saturday, March 16, 2019) and will be moved up near the front of the parade. This is a great honor for our 125th Anniversary. If you wish to join us, see attached invitation for instructions on dress and who to notify that you will be marching with us.  I know everyone can not travel to NYC but every year we always do have sisters from other states that march with us.

The NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade is older than our country, it was started in 1762 by Irish in the colonial army. It is the largest parade in the country. It represents our Catholic Faith and our Irish Heritage.  The first parade was on March 17, 1762 — fourteen years before the signing of the United States Declaration of Independence. The first NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade was comprised of a band of homesick, Irish ex-patriots and Irish military members serving with the British Army stationed in the colonies in New York. This was a time when the wearing of green was a sign of Irish pride but was banned in Ireland. In that 1762 parade, participants reveled in the freedom to speak Irish, wear green, sing Irish songs and play the pipes to Irish tunes that were meaningful to the Irish immigrants of that time.
**The NYC Parade never marches on a Sunday, that is why the Parade is on Saturday, March 16, 2019.

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